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What Is Wealth Beyond Wall Street?

Say good-bye to the worn out advice that has you on a financial roller coaster. Contrary to what the Wall Street media machine promotes... you don't have to risk losing your hard earned money to grow wealthy. There is a simple, clear plan to grow wealth with peace of mind. This book is the blueprint to help you gain Wealth Beyond Wall Street.


This is one of the core philosophies that we see eye to eye with our clients. The goal is not just to create wealth but also to be able to live a life of excitement, fulfillment and joy.

We do this by focusing on cash flow to give you freedom to spend your time doing what YOU love to do.

Ethan Kap

Every person arrives at certain moments of truth in their lives. For Ethan it happened when a large portion of his money got lost with the decline of the stock market. He also saw his parents retire with a healthy nest egg, but quickly had their retirement dreams dashed… all due to being tied with the majority of their money in stocks.

Since then Ethan found a better way and has devoted himself to get the message out about the safety and security of little known and underutilized tools that could help millions of Americans.

Ethan is happily married to his wife Erika, and has three wonderful kids: Zachary, Zoe and Xander. Read More…

Brett Kitchen

Brett Kitchen is the best-selling author of Safe Money Millionaire and author of 4 other books.

He is president and CEO of 2 multi-million dollar companies. His mission is to help Americans change the way they save and invest their money to overcome the four enemies of wealth, so they can achieve freedom, wealth and independence.

His true love is his wife and three kids…and water skiing on the ski lake. Read More…